1. Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony went into 2015’s E3 relatively quiet. Other than the expected Uncharted 4, they had nothing else teased and word was that this would be a pretty run-of-the mill conference. The PS4 is doing extremely well due to their fan-pleasing E3 2013 conference, subsequently followed by the console’s release. How can they possibly top that? Little did we know that they were going to announce some of the most unbelievable and downright impossible game announcements we’ve ever witnessed. It kicked off with the Last Guardian. Yes, it’s really coming next year. After grueling years of assuming the game was cancelled. Moments later, the auditorium lost its mind when Shenmue’s theme begins playing and Yu Suzuki walks out on stage to reveal Shenmue 3 through Kicstarter and as a PS4 exclusive. That particular kickstarter hit its goal in record time. However, the real highlight of the conference was something many of us have been wishing and hoping for, but knew would never happen. Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. It’s hard to imagine an E3 conference that can top what Sony did this year, but only time will tell.

– Paul Cesar

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