1. That Dragon, Cancer

Perhaps this one was a given, but That Dragon, Cancer is one of the most powerful experiences I have played through. Joel Evan Green, the son of Ryan and Amy Green, suffered from an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid tumor that eventually claimed his brave life. That Dragon, Cancer is a visual novel-esque game that recaptures the thoughts and emotions of the Green family (and those of Joel) as they struggle to cope with the fact that their little boy may not be with them much longer. Filled with beautiful and heartbreaking devices that cleverly encapsulate the family’s despair, That Dragon, Cancer is a game that resonates with any individual who has lost someone to cancer, or who has struggled with cancer in some manner. Knowing the end result of Joel’s story before jumping into the game makes the impact of the title that much more significant. I know I personally did not make it through ten minutes of the game with dry eyes. If this is a theme close to your heart, I would recommend sharing the Green’s story; in all of the hurt and sense of loss, there is a certain beauty in tragedy.

~Evan Schwab

Honorable Mention

Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Telltales Game of Thrones contains a series of episodes focused around a different Northern house that is not in the forefront of the books or show, House Forrester. Through this game the Forrester House gets its share of tragedies nearly as bad as the Starks. The first episode of the game starts within one of the famous tragic events of the series, the Red Wedding. The last forces you choose between 2 characters to save. Unfortunately, we did not want to fill this list with Telltale titles and the Walking Dead beat this one out by have a more centered character plot compared to the multiple separated characters of Game of Thrones.

~Melissa Buranen

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