1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Fair to say that this took people breath away. In the recent showcases held earlier this year this game stood at the top. At least at the top of what Nintendo was showing. The game development was told to be giving a change to some of the common dynamics of Zelda – i.e. no longer needing to finish dungeons in order. Once gamers got to see what this new Open World Zelda had to offer they were hooked, even some who had no interest in the series prior. The delays this game has experienced seem not just disappointing for it, but for the entire Wii U console. Before being named Breath of the Wild, the game was referenced as Zelda Wii U. It had started development and we had begun to hear about the game around the beginning of the Wii U’s life. The game was originally set to come 2015. Later delayed to 2016 and once again to 2017. The final delay meant that this game would no longer be solely on the Wii U platform, but both the Wii U and the up-coming “NX” console. From being highly anticipated on the Wii U, the game will now be one of the last to release on the system.

~Melissa Buranen

Honorable Mention – L.A. Noire


L.A. Noire was originally slated for release in November 2010 and was finally released in October 2011. While the difference between the release dates isn’t that long the game was in development since 2006. The disappointing thing about the L.A. Noire delay is that the game still had unrealized potential after being delayed. One could even argue that the difficult development of L.A. Noire put the whole industry off the idea of making detective games. Imagine a game in the vein of L.A. Noire in VR where you can walk behind suspects to put them on edge and smack them around, if you want to go the renegade route. Imagine being a Private Eye rifling though a crime scene desperate to find a clus before the cops bust in. Instead we have a deluge of shooting galleries, on-rails shooters and jump-scare conveyer belts, that’s the real disappointment of L.A. Noire.

~Stephen Krusel

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