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5. Bulldrome

This monster carries a primal feeling about itself, and it brings rapid charges, a following herd, and sweeping tusk attacks that can end your putrid monster hunting career in its infancy. With one swing of its massive head, the Bulldrome could eviscerate most of the monsters on this list. While the Bulldrome is a smaller monster in general, it more than makes up for its size with its vicious speed and fiery aggression. There aren’t a ton of monsters in World that fight quite like the Bulldrome, and that would make it memorable battle, indeed.

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4. Gobul

The Gobul is a monstrous angler fish that is pretty adept at tormenting one player at a time. Take out your newbie friends and leave them alone with this guy, and they’ll soon learn all about his constant flash and stun barrages. Due to this, the Gobul is an opportunistic predator with a knack for gaining the upper hand in a fight. In this scenario, you, the hunter, are the underdog story. Having the Gobul back in action brings another fun and challenging battle to the Monster Hunter: World arena.

3. Najarala

The Najarala is a serpent of large demeanor. Its attack patterns are chaotic, as its quick and constant movements are as likely to damage you as they are to knock you over when struck (resulting in even more damage with a follow up attack). Najarala’s size and stature allows it to have a tremendous range of attack, and the atmosphere of combat it brings would be a welcome addition to Monster Hunter: World. In any case, the Najarala’s visage is a terrifying collection of scales and bone like ridges that, when arced, can strike fear into the hearts of unseasoned hunters.

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2. Gigginox

Our number two monster we’d love to see in Monster Hunter: World is the Gigginox. This beasty has a penchant for poisoning hunters. Add to that its ability to throw its young at you, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nasty creature (and poor parent to boot). The Gigginox’s offspring are leechlike, and they drain the blood of hunters even if said hunter is already poisoned. This monster would be bad enough if it lingered on the ground with you, but the Gigginox is capable of climbing the walls and ceilings of its surroundings to spew poison and its younglings at you. Its mouth of razor sharp teeth is offsetting, but at times, the Gigginox also attempts to swallow hunters whole with the potential of shredding a hunter with those same teeth and its vicious claws.


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