Monster Hunter Generations has recently released! So for all the hunters we at Bit Cultures put together a list of our Top 10 Monsters from the series. Some gain rank for their brutal battles. Others for the interesting and compelling designs. We won’t be judging through all the monster forms this time around. Either way this is a list that every hunter can enjoy!

10. Nibelsnarf

MH Nibelsnarf

Is the fight against a Nibelsnarf hard? Is the fight against a Nibelsnarf fun? Quite frankly, I have no idea. I’ve never actually fought one. So needless to say that this particular monster is on this list for reasons other than just the degree of challenge it provides. The Nibelsnarf has a surprisingly cute design, for something with a ton of razor sharp teeth and a gullet wide enough to swallow you whole. While the design of the Nibelsnarf is great, it still isn’t the reason the monster made the list. The reason may be somewhat obvious by now, as I’ve said it plenty of times by now. The reason the Nibelsnarf made this list is because of its named Nibelsnarf! The name made me laugh pretty hard when I first read it and now I’m in love with the guy.

-Jim Wallace

9. Zamitros

MH Zamtrios

The Zamtrios is a big ol’ land shark that was first seen in Monster Hunter 4. The big guy has a pretty cool fight. Using the ice element, the Zamtrios encases itself in a suit of ice armor. The armor does what you’d expect and gives the Zamtrios some more defenses and areas where your attacks will bounce off, dull weapons will also bounce off without fail. The monster can also inflate like a balloon and it looks… well it looks pretty silly. While inflated the monster can roll forward at the players as well as jump forwards or backwards, each of these attacks deals a large amount of damage. These elements along with some attacks that the monster can use from under the ice create a really fun fight that has a decent challenge to it.

-Jim Wallace

8. Basarios

MH Basarios

The Basarios is a badass wyvern with rock armor that makes it look like it’s carrying mountains on its back. While by no means easy fighting a Basarios isn’t all too hard either. With some charge moves and one where the monster just rolls around on the floor you mainly just have to stay out of the way and you’ll be a-okay. Of course the other wyvern has some other attacks like it’s poison breath, but again none of the attacks are terribly hard to avoid or recover from. None the less the fight is still entertaining and the monster itself has an absolutely killer design.

-Jim Wallace

7. Tigrex

MH Tigrex

Tigrex might be the most erratic monster on this list. He is classed as a Flying Wyvern, but his move set involves little flying attacks. His appearance has a large head with a massive jaw and horned ears. His coloring is yellow with blue strikes on his body. Unlike other Wyverns it has no elemental attacks of its own. This monster relies on brute strength. He has a powerful roar that is also an attack. He run up and blast with roar that even if avoided will leave you stunned without the proper status upgrades to avoid it. Potentially Tigrex’s most common, and annoying, involves it running around the area. It may not even run toward you. Part of the reason I call it annoying is it becomes easy enough to dodge and there is little chance to get a hit in unless you’re willing to take a hit yourself. It usually just is best to wait out to the tantrum.

-Melissa Buranen

6. Nargacuga

MH Nargacuga

Introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, this monster has black scales and fur with glowing red eyes. The appearance of the beast is a mix of a Panther and a bat. He is a fast moving monster that only gets faster when he’s enraged. Most hunts for this creature will take place in the Night hours, making it darker and easier for it to camouflage in the shadows. Its move set involves a lot of swipes and spinning. Nargacuga’s most damaging move in the Tail Spike. He’ll grow spikes on his tail and flip around smashing them into the ground. If you were attacking his face, you’re now hit with the tail. But this move can also be rewarding to hunters. Nargacuga while being fast paced is a monster that can be dodged and predicted if you pay close enough attention. Getting missed by his tail spike attack leaves them open for a brief period. If you’re want to experience this Monster for yourself, then it can be found on the Monster Hunter Generations Demo.

-Melissa Buranen

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