5. Lagiacrus

MH Lagiacrus

The Lagiacrus is super gosh dang rad. The giant sea dragon is the final quest of hunter rank 1 in MH3U. Rocking big lightning charged crystals on its back, not only does the Lagiacrus look intimidating but it also proves to be a worthy adversary of veteran and new hunters alike. His lightning moves deal huge amounts of damage when the player is hit, be it through his surge or his lightning balls. With a decent amount of breakable spots the player should always be aiming at different spots and moving onto another in order to best the beast as quickly as possible. The fight is also broken up between underwater and land segments that feel pretty different. There are of course other forms of the Lagiacrus that prove even more challenging. The other forms that keep the monster relevant throughout the rest of the game. The Lagiacrus is an amazing monster from its attacks, the changing of the fight between water and land, all the way to its spectacular design.

-Jim Wallace

4. Deviljho

MH Deviljho

Probably one of the biggest terrors to Hunters. Deviljho is a very large Brute Wyern species of monster. Its form has a green coloration, but when enraged it will gain some red coloring. His design might remind you of the T-Rex dinosaur. Deviljho hits hard and can be hard to hit. The safest area to be when hunting Jho is in another area, but that won’t win the hunt. Jho attacks involve swinging his tail which ends up swinging his whole body. Jumps and stomps that can be used to shake the ground and catch Hunters to make a meal of them. He’ll also back up and shoot out a dragon blast. The real terror to this beast is Jho will appear on quests that do not involve them. You’ll be on a simple mining quest and be confront with this beast unprepared for a fight. Just make sure to be carrying some Dung bombs to get free of this Devil.

-Melissa Buranen

3. Rathian and Rathalos

MH Rathalos Rathian

The dynamic duo are the two of the most recognized and iconic monster of the monster hunter franchise and with great reason, they’re cool as hell. Not only do their simple dragonic designs resonate super well with the game and its audience but the duo also provides a hefty challenge. Each of these monster can be fought separately and while challenging in their own rights the fight truly shines when the other decides to join the fray. While you have to then deal with two monsters, they can help you out a bit by hurting each other. But, even if they don’t that will only make your victory all the sweeter when you finally rain triumphant. The classic pair is a staple to the monster hunter games, an absolute blast to fight, and above all else they are simply incredible creatures.

-Jim Wallace

2. Teostra

MH Teostra

Ever experience a triple cart within minutes of starting a hunt? Then you must not have faced this monster. Teostra is almost deceptive to new hunters. He has the title of an Elder Dragon that given some with their first Elder Dragons Monsters were beasts massive in size and sported their own special arenas to face. Teostra comes off as small. He is designed like a Chimera, but with wings. In Monster Hunter 4U he was given the Blast element. Meaning his attacks could basically do double damage if left unattended. His attack that takes him into the area and does a spherical blast around himself, might be the easiest to see coming, but that doesn’t mean getting away in time. That can be the cause of one hit kills for hunters if unprepared. He does forward blast moves and backward. Or he can simply ram into you and swat at you with his claws. Do not be fooled by size alone, this beast is not to be underestimated.

-Melissa Buranen

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