1. Rajang

MH Rajang

This monster is a menace. His design is like an ape, but sporting horns of a bull and tail. In his Furious/Rage mode his hair grows in length and turns yellow, his muscles also go and expand. Sound familiar Dragonball Z fans? Rajang can be one of the hardest monsters to fight. Its movements can be quick and can catch you off guard. Their attacks are based on electricity and pure strength. Getting caught in its fists or his beam of lightning can spell a lot of trouble. There is also his attack of digging into the ground and lifting out large tree roots and boulders to chuck at you from a distance. He leaves little openings for attacks, but every chance will need to be taken advantage of. Most of the quest time might be used to purely dodge him and waiting for those openings to appear. Of all the monster that have made this list, I would rather fight all of them at once over this guy. My recommendations for this fight is first making an armor solely to combat against the thunder, upgraded to the highest defense that is possible. Bring Dash Juice to ensure your stamina doesn’t run out while dodging. And lastly pray. This monster is not to be taken lightly and one you’ll need to take extra caution is preparing for.

-Melissa Buranen

Honorable Mention – Brachydios

MH Brachydios

Introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate this Brute Wyvern introduced the Slime element to Hunters. This element would later me altered to Blast, but the original intro was a treat. Brachydios is has a dark blue coloration with Green Glowing spots on his fists and a top their head. Why did he not make the list then? That comes from a feeling that the AI to this monster is unfair. His fights are not as fun because he’ll target you in a corner and when you’re down. Not to say this cannot be experienced in other fights either, but in Brachydios quests it is a consistent occurrence that takes away from the experience. Part of Monster Hunter is improving your skills and knowledge of monsters to better react to them. And in these fights even if you’re doing the best you can it can still end in a lose solely due to the AI.

-Melissa Buranen

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