Every game community has its fair share of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime moments. The fighting game community is no different. What it has, that very few others rival, are moments not only hype enough to need a sedative, but are so inspiring that they changed an entire gaming landscape. From crazy comebacks to the seemingly impossible, here is our Top 10 Moments in the Fighting Game Community.

10. Battle by the Bay

Before we move further down the list, I thought a small history lesson seemed appropriate. Today’s video game fighting scene is bigger than ever. Long before thousands piled into Vegas for the annual championship tourney, Evo, it started with just a few hundred back in 1996. This gathering would be known as “Battle by the Bay” and it would mark the first “unofficial” Evolution tournament until its name was changed in 2002 and officially became the event it is today. The fight itself may not be as thrilling compared to more modern ones, especially others on this list, but it’s significance is just as impressive.

Nick Grave


9. Killer Comeback (Sleep Vs My God)

To an outside observer this may look like the greatest comeback in fighting game history. Though there are plenty of greater comeback stories, this is still really damn impressive. Sleep does a hell of a job staying in the fight, and most competitors would have absolutely lost in this situation. However, much of the loss lies with My God . It would be easy to say that pure cockiness got the best of him, which isn’t totally wrong, but poor judgement would be a more accurate way to describe it. It’s very easy to take massive damage in Killer Instinct. What My God attempted to do was play it safe and win by timeout. Once he realized that might not happen, it was already too late. This is one of those moments that proves that if you have a win, you have to take it; otherwise that humiliation you’re looking to dish out, might just end up being your own.

Nick Grave 


8. Lucky Strikes (Lucky vs Mike Haze)

The charity fundraiser Smash the Record 2015 forged plenty of incredible moments, including reaching the  $50,000 donation goal for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. But, there was one moment in particular that froze time for the Smash Bros. community. Personally being there, I can say it was one to remember. In the Melee losers finals match between two Southern California heavyweights, Lucky and Mike Haze, Lucky managed to pull off what’s regarded as the ‘sacred combo’ with Captain Falcon: knee into a Falcon Punch. As the Falcon Punch connected, Mike Haze paused the game to accept his fate; the crowd erupted into a cascade of cheer and left most of us watching speechless.

~ Diego Urquiaga


7. Melee Spiritbombspiritbomb_2

To start this off, let me say this: I have been a part of the Super Smash Bros community for a good while now, in particular the Melee community. So this is something that I look at very fondly as it set the path for the game to blow up in popularity. I’m talking about the Evo 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Drive. A fundraiser was held to see what fighting game community could raise the most money for cancer research in order to become the 8th game at Evo 2013. By the end of the drive, the Super Smash Bros. Melee community, having donated around 95 thousand dollars, managed to get first place. Like I said, it’s because of this drive that Melee could grow: the crowd chanted “one more year” for Melee by the end of Evo 2013, a Smash documentary was created and Super Smash Bros. Melee finds itself as one of the main events for this year’s Evo. Community members like Bobby “Scar” Scarnewman, host of the Spirit Bomb podcast, and people like PB&J further helped the Melee scene just through word of mouth. While this was spectacular for melee, it is necessary to give a huge shoutout to the fighting game community as a whole because that drive ended up raising $225k across the board, and that’s something truly spectacular.

~ Jimmy Wallace


6. Mahvel Baby!

In a time before there were eSports, Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza was hyping up and commentating on a Marvel vs Capcom 2 match in the late 2000’s at a tournament. While doing so, he inadvertently gave the Marvel vs Capcom community some of its most memorable phrases. Nowadays, it’s impossible to watch a Marvel vs. Capcom set without hearing “It’s Mahvel Baby!” yelled out in the distance or having it spammed in a chat somewhere. IFC Yipes’ place in the community was officially solidified with Deadpool uttering one of Yipes’ own phrases in Marvel vs Capcom 3 when defeating against Magneto, “Where yo curly mustache at?!”

~ Diego Urquiaga

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