The Metal Gear Series is filled with so many memorable boss fights. Here is what we at Bit Cultures, consider the ten best fights.

Writers: Paul Cesar, Mel Fox, Zach Nonnemacher and Eric Young.

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10. Big Boss (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)big-boss

The Metal Gear series is known for boss fights full of exposition and skill-testing. In the final battle against Big Boss in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, you are faced against your mentor with no weapons in sight. You escape from Big Boss’ sight and create a flamethrower to take him down. This fight is so significant to the overall series because it sets things in motion for the rest of the series. From Big Boss’ body being the target of the FOXHOUND unit in MGS to his body’s bio-data being the key to the Patriots system in MGS4, his defeat is directly correlated to Snake’s ascension as a legendary soldier.


9. Liquid Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)


This fight with Liquid Snake at the end of the game is not so much a test of previous skills, as it is an introduction to a fighting mechanic tied around QTEs previously unseen in the series. The CQC fueled brawl between these two aged warriors, playing out along the games instrumental musical score, starts out standard. That is until, we as fans are treated to the ultimate fan service as Encounter from MGS1 starts playing. With each major blow, Snake depletes Liquid Ocelot’s life bar and we are presented with theme songs from each major entry into the series. These audio and visual changes come as Ocelot’s psyche is altered. We end with Ocelot, now free of Liquid’s will, giving us a final “you’re pretty good” before succumbing to FOXDIE. This very personal battle between our two major players was in my eyes, the perfect way to end the series.


8. Metal Gear Ray (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)


With this entry into the series, we took control of Raiden. Although many were upset to not have Snake (or Big Boss) at the helm, this first boss fight changed the minds of numerous players. As the Metal Gear Ray came on screen, all I could think of was how difficult defeating a Ray was the last time Raiden fought one on his own in MGS2. The power Raiden displays here and what I am able to do to this Ray in the multi-tiered battle blew my mind. Being able to slice that Metal Gear RAY into pieces showed the player exactly what a cyborg ninja is capable of doing.


7. Metal Gear REX (Metal Gear Solid)


Quite possibly the most epic boss battle in the first Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear REX is a devastating force capable of causing world ending damage. Throughout the game, you get information about this REX prototype and this is the moment in which you have to destroy it. There is so much more to this battle than just fighting a giant mech, however. Liquid himself pilots Rex as a last desperate effort to defeat Snake (quite an upgrade from the Hind D.) This boss fight would be worthy of the top 10 as it is, but it’s not until Gray Fox steps in to lend a hand that it becomes truly unforgettable. This battle has it all. Liquid vs. Solid, Ninja (a.k.a Frank Jaeger) coming to your rescue and *SPOILER* sacrificing himself in order to give you a fighting chance against REX. It’s an emotional moment in which we lose one of the best characters in MGS history, but he dies fighting for what he believed in and not without first making a stand. “A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.”


6. HIND D (Metal Gear Solid)

When we watched the HIND D take off carrying Liquid at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid, we sure as hell never thought we’d have to fight it. The fight exists on a massive scale not only in terms of combat, but in regards to story. “Why are you calling me brother?” Snake yells. Liquid teases to Solid the truth of his origin – they are the sons of Big Boss. Dodging machine gun shells and firing Stinger missiles, Snake does the impossible and single-handedly downs the chopper. Then again, just another day on Shadow Moses for Snake. Otacon asks: “That explosion before… what was it?” Snake coolly replies, “Oh, I had to take out that helicopter.” No big deal.



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