1. Suicide Mission

Arguably one best missions not only in the Mass Effect series but in the gaming universe, the suicide mission end sequence is a phenomenal way to wrap-up the second game in the series. While others game do have missions that may put your character and their squad mates in danger, Mass Effect 2 is the only one that follow through with their threat. If you are not properly prepared before heading through the Omega-4 Relay and make bad choices for squad leaders, then you may not only lose some of your closest friends forever, but your Shepard could permanently die. Dungeons & Dragons style. At the time, having a majority of your crew, and even your Shepard, be permanently killed at the hands of the Collectors was pretty awesome. Mass Effect 2 made it clear that your choices (who you spent time with, how you upgraded the ship, who you chose in battle) ultimately led to the fate of you and your crew, whatever that may be. Mass Effect 2 has long been argued to be the best of the series, and we can certainly see why.

~ Laura Chandler

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