1. “To All Of You” – Syd Matters

Life Is Strange

Regardless of the issues I had with Dontnod’s Life is Strange, one thing was certain: Its soundtrack was absolutely phenomenal. Following the story of Max Caulfield as she attempts to change the past in order to ‘rescue’ her friend Chloe, Life is Strange presented gamers with a narrative that nearly soared. Max is a fan of photography and music, and she routinely finds awesome songs on her mp3 player or radio (she even makes reference to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and how it was the greatest film of all time). While the list of licensed songs was too great (Alt-J, Bright Eyes, and Jose Gonzalez are all present on the OST) to choose just one from, I figured “To All of You” by Syd Matters, the first song that Max listens to while she explores her high school, was the perfect choice. It sets the tone for Life is Strange: an independent feeling experience (you know, that hypster, alt rock vibe), which allows the game to prosper despite its numerous shortcomings. The Life is Strange soundtrack is one of the only OSTs that my wife and I listened to for a few months on end because it is that good.


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