5. Adachi – Persona 4

Ah Adachi! He’s not a liar, he’s just the lovable goofball detective…Except when he’s a murderer trying to lead players and characters to other suspects. And he is certainly convincing. He uses other characters and makes a case for them. Spouting , likely, confidential information about a murder investigation to a bunch of teenagers. Giving hints towards other characters are the perpetrator while being the mastermind all along. For no other reason than because he found it all entertaining. And he almost got away with it all.

~Melissa Buranen

4. GLaDOS – Portal

Portal is widely regarded as one of the greatest games ever made, put alongside such classics as Silent Hill 2, Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 4, Half-Life 2 and notable others. Now, as many gamers know, the villain in a game can be just as important as the hero. Often being a reflection of the protagonist or some kind of ultimate final test, GlaDOS is one such villain.

The clever robotic mind of GlaDOS puts the player through trial after trial, mind game after mind game, in order to break your heart and spirit. This is all done with the promise of a delicious cake that is sure to feed your sweet tooth…but wait, the cake is a lie…

~Ethan Butterfield

3. Jansen – Lost Odyssey

It’s a shame nobody really bothered with Lost Odyssey, a title that mixed old and new school JRPG gaming perfectly. Even with its excellent gameplay, Lost Odyssey stood apart from its contemporaries largely due to its excellent ensemble. This brings us to Jansen Friedh, one of the funniest and most genuine characters in the genre. The twist is, the guy literally lies to the entire cast for half the game.

Jansen is a thief, a charmer and one hell of a deceiver. However, it’s his atonement and believable character development that gave him the depth needed to truly become likeable. In similar games, it’s common for this trope to completely change a character and their mannerisms, but Jansen still maintains his love of thievery and constant sarcasm. It’s really difficult not too love the guy and it makes keeping him in the party all the more enjoyable.

~Jose Herrias

2. Andrew Ryan – Bioshock

What can I say about the Bioshock series that hasn’t already been said? If Ken Levine isn’t in the top category for developers then something is up for sure. In short, Bioshock presents players with a daring journey through the underwater city of Rapture to find and, eventually, finish off a certain ruler. Keep reading would you kindly?

Andrew Ryan is a master manipulator that, depending on your point of view, is either a genius or a madman. Basically lead through the game by the nose, Ryan manages to trick the player in more ways than one by stringing us along like a puppet. In Ryan’s own words. “A man chooses, a slave obeys”

~Ethan Butterfield

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