1. Red vs Blue

Machinima as a video style has beenĀ present for quite a while but the video genre was raised to a new level with Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue. Created by Burnie Burns, the current Chief Creative Officer for Rooster Teeth, the series was created using Halo: Combat Evolved’s multiplayer mode and some well timed voice over work by Burnie and other members of the Rooster Teeth team. Starring the aptly named Red and Blue teams stationed at Blood Gulch, the series managed to create it’s own lore loosely set in the universe of Halo taking familiar elements of the series and twisting them to enhance the humor (and later on dramatic elements) of the series. Red vs Blue helped escalate Rooster Teeth from a small scale video group to the entertainment juggernaut it is today hosting a staff well over 200. Red vs Blue just finished it’s 14th season and likely will be back for more in late 2017.

~Eric Young

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