5. Dead or Alive 4 SPARTAN-458

Tecmo’s Team Ninja originally proposed using Master Chief as a secret character in their 3D fighter for the Xbox 360 but Bungie decided the narrative for Master Chief would not allow him to appear in the Dead or Alive Universe. As an alternative, Bungie worked with Team Ninja to develop SPARTAN-458, later known as Nicole. With a fighting style more akin to military-like close quarters combat and move names that all reference the series, Bungie and Team Ninja put a lot of thought and care into crafting the character to fit in both the Halo and Dead or Alive universes. As a little show of friendship, Halo 3 featured an armor set called Hayabusa.

~Eric Young

4. Killer Instinct Arbiter

I’ve mentioned this before on the website, but in case you didn’t know, I love fighting games in every way shape and form. They’re fun to play, but in my opinion they’re even more fun to watch and Killer Instinct is no exception. The flashy combos, effects, combo breakers, and supers make for an incredible spectacle and personally the Arbiter is one of my favorite characters to watch. Being a guest character the developers stuck closely to the source material arming him with the a plasma grenade, a plasma rifle, and the fan favorite energy sword and it doesn’t end there. On certain moves (mainly command-grabs) the Arbiter uses his stealth abilities and disappears from the stage for a quick second. Like every other character in the game the Arbiter rocks flashy supers and combos, but he also has an incredible projectile that forces the opponents he faces to play footsies and respect his stage positioning. Overall, the Arbiter makes for a more wholesome, while stick incredibly flashy and fast paced fighting game spectacle and that’s always bound to be a good time.

~Jim Wallace

3. Halo Wars

Halo Wars came out a couple of years after Halo 3 and thus came out at an incredible height in Halo’s popularity. While there was obviously a lot of hype for a new Halo game, there was also a lot of scepticism due to it being an RTS designed for console. The RTS genre, if you didn’t know, is an incredibly intense genre requiring hundreds of actions per minute and typically works best on computers. So one being made for console and making it well was something that wasn’t seen as likely to fans of the genre. Tom Clancy’s End War had attempted to bring the genre to consoles a year prior and was met with mediocre reviews so the stakes were high. Now it’s needless to say, but Halo Wars crushed the genre and revolutionized what RTSs can do on console. We can only hope that the upcoming Halo Wars 2 can live up to what the original was.

~Jim Wallace

2. Halo 3 Mountain Dew

Back in the days of ‘07, before Halo 3’s launch, Mountain Dew released the Game Fuel promotion. The promotion featured a new citrus-cherry flavor. Since then the promotion has been brought back by popular demand a few times over the years. But none of them can live up to a brand new flavor combined with the release of Halo 3. Maybe it’s just my bias towards that particular game, but the new flavors launched alongside of it just don’t cut it. I mean hey the original citrus cherry is still coming around in the latest releases, so it HAS to be the best right?

~Jim Wallace

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