Ahh, Halo. One of the best first-person shooter series ever made. This franchise has been held to an incredibly high standard ever since the original Combat Evolved launched with Xbox back in 2000. It’s for a good reason, too; each iteration of Halo provides players with intense firefights, gorgeous visuals, detailed and nuanced level design, and a (mostly) engrossing sci-fi story that’s often better than plenty of Hollywood blockbusters. Not to mention, it touts some of the absolute best FPS gameplay you can find. With so many major releases for this series, we here at Bit Cultures have decided to fight through the hordes of Covenant scum to bring you the Top 10 Campaign Missions. So sit back, load an absurdly large magazine into your AR, and enjoy!

10. Midnight – Halo 4

One part Starfox, one part Death Star trench run, and all Halo. The final mission of Halo 4, Midnight, has players piloting a Broadsword equipped with a tactical nuke along the Didact’s unnecessarily complicated ship. You’ll need to dodge anti-air turret fire as well as moving compartments as you make your way into a final open-area showdown with a gorgeous vista view of our pale blue dot. After crashing his ship, the Chief must continues with Plan B on foot, all culminating in one last stand against the Didact. While the rest of Halo 4’s campaign can feel less than memorable, this mission was epic.

~ Peter Starr


9. Metropolis – Halo 2

Metropolis is a fantastic mission. Not only are you hunting a terrifying Scarab, but you get to pilot the awesome Scorpion tank. Blow apart a galore of Wraiths and Ghosts as you traverse the long bridge in search of extraterrestrial prey. For an added challenge, try and keep your idiotic teammates alive. (Aren’t these guys supposed to have run the simulation before?)

~ Ryan Dodd

8. Assault on the Control Room – Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved gave players a brand new universe to explore, discover, and, more importantly, run and gun through. Within the first four levels, players are treated to plenty of great moments that helped define what a Halo game was and just how much you can accomplish with your rifle or behind the wheel of a Warthog. But by the fifth level, Assault on the Control Room, the game drops players into what can only be described as a gamut of Halo: Combat Evolved. Assault on the Control Room is by far the longest level of the game as Master Chief must trek through dozens of Covenant-reinforced rooms, drive a tank down a winter path filled with plenty of baddies, and then make a final push up a pyramid-like structure to find Halo’s control center. Good luck beating this level on Legendary.

~ Rafael Serrato 


7. The Ark – Halo 3

The Ark, the seventh level of Halo 3, finds Master Chief, the Arbiter and the UNSC tracking down the Prophet of Truth. Their journey takes them across a vast waste littered with Covenant forces. Players must snipe, fight, ride and gun down everything in their way, including a Covenant Scarab, to get to Truth. By the end of the epic trail across the desert, Master Chief and the Arbiter defeat Cethegus, a brute chieftain of the Covenant army, and, with the help of 343 Guilty Spark and the Cartographer, discover the whereabouts of the Prophet of Truth.

~ Rafael Serrato 


6. Truth & Reconciliation – Halo: Combat Evolved


In the third level, Master Chief and a small strike team infiltrate a Covenant ship, The Truth and Reconciliation, to free Captain Keyes from enemy hands. The Truth and Reconciliation, unlike Halo’s other levels, unfolds like a stealth mission as players are given a sniper rifle to scout and strategically pick off Covenant forces one by one. Once the strike team clears the gravity lift of enemies, they make their way on board the Covenant cruiser and sleuth through corridors and hangars until they find the captain.

~ Rafael Serrato 

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