Video game journalism has come a long way since its monthly magazine days. YouTube and its content creators have given an ever expanding avenue for video games and the gaming world. But with so much out there, the market quickly becomes over-saturated, making it difficult to find the diamonds in the rough. This list is just a few we found:

10. Maximilian Dood

I’ve never been especially good at fighting games, so I’ve always relied heavily on tips and tricks from online guides and videos. When Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s popularity was at its peak, I found a particularly fun video series called “Assist Me”, which was a sketch/tutorial series that used a mix of cosplay and comedy to help teach people how to play the game. Its creator, the YouTuber Maximilian Dood, managed to combine the basic information of how to play a game and actual character development and story lines. Where most people would focus on one or the other, Maximilian brought both. Max has become a staple in the larger video gaming community through content such as his RPG gameplay analyses to fighting game commentaries as well as news and announcement recaps. With a wide variety of material to enjoy and explore, Maximilian is definitely a fun Dood to follow.

~Donovan Bertch

9. Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove is a musician best known across the internet for his outstanding a capella covers of video game music. His covers are brilliantly rewritten to fit both his style and the style of a cappella. Plus with a history in percussion, or at the very least on a drum set, there will more often than not be a pretty dope “drum” track in the back. You’ll be hard-pressed to find one of his songs with less than a couple hundred thousand views, but you’ll easily be able to find videos with over 1 million views; there’s good reason for that. If quality gaming music isn’t enough to make you want to go out and check out his channel, maybe the fact that he has an adorable Charl, which makes an appearance in his videos, will. 

~Jimmy Wallace

8. Gaming Historian

As the old adage goes: to know where we are going, we must know where we have been. This top 10 wouldn’t be complete without some classic gaming history and Gaming Historian provides just that. While the first video for the channel was posted 6 years ago, the channel has really taken off this past year. Gaming Historian is now running the channel full time, which has led to a huge increase in content (approx. 30 videos in the last year). In addition to strong video quality, Gaming Historian’s documentary style provides great verbal pacing—a skill that many YouTubers lack. Gaming Historian does a great job at examining niches that have been overlooked. His “Fact or Fiction” series is a great one that highlights games based on history by discussing the actual history and then comparing it to the history presented by the game. Lastly, the breadth of his hardware coverage is impressive: ranging from the basics (such as the Sega Nomad) to the less-often-discussed (such as The Power Glove and Sharp Nintendo TV). While Gaming Historian is all about the past, he definitely has a bright future.

~Janet Garcia


7. That One Video Gamer

That One Video Gamer, originally a channel for Jirard Khalil’s video game review series “The Completionist,”  has expanded into a multimedia company with a variety of channels and shows with distinct styles to them. These videos range from let’s plays on their Super Beard Bros channel, educational videos on a variety of topics in gaming such as their Pokémon-centric series “The Dex” and the faux news series comedy called “Super Scope News.” A rotating cast of guests on their shows (especially on “The Completionist”) keeps things from getting too stale. The TOVG team’s love of video gaming shines loud and clear in each video they make. It’s clear that video games have affected their lives in a multitude of ways, and the channel is their way of returning the favor by sharing their love for the medium with their audience. That One Video Gamer isn’t one to miss.

~Donovan Bertch

6. ProJared

ProJared is a relatively well-known YouTuber and is a part of Normal-Boots, a relatively small group of Youtubers such as JonTron and Did You Know Gaming. ProJared creates video game analysis videos that break down a game and tells you what makes them work, not work, the good, bad, or a combination of them all. He also creates reviews and top 10 lists. A good majority of the time ProJared will come off as, well, professional. He’s very well spoken, seemingly well-informed, and has some pretty good production quality. On top of being generally well-spoken, Jared also has a plethora of funny moments or stories in his videos. Some may not be considered pg, but by no means do they ever really seem to be immature. Overall, ProJared creates quality content. If I am ever questioning a purchase of a game he’s reviewed, I’ll usually use his review as a deciding factor.

~Jimmy Wallace



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