1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


 This is the type of motion control that I for one expected when the Nintendo Wii released. Using the controller to replicate the feeling of swinging a sword and defeating your enemies. The crave to take a larger part in the action, and something more involved than just small flicks of the wrist. I tried to breeze through the game, but the motion activity forced me to stop at times. The Motion Plus expansion was a required to play this game for a reason. The motion controls govern the combat. Enemies will anticipate to block Link’s attacks: Holding the sword lower will make them block their legs, higher their head, and so on. The nunchuck simulates Link’s Shield and the Wiimote his sword. The needed precision to pull of a Skyward Strike and hit an enemy’s opening could have been a nightmare without a good calibration mechanic. It was always a safe bet to calibrate before playing so the game could key into your position and movements better. The motion controls made the game engaging with enemy behavior adding a need to be tactical and not just brutal. It only helps this fantastic game came with a captivating story that showed the earliest point on the Legend of Zelda’s timeline to date.

~ Melissa Buranen

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