1. Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars has made a resurgence in film and video games in the past couple of years. We’ve been lucky that Disney licensed EA to create Star Wars Battlefront, but an action game isn’t quite exactly what we need. The time is ripe for another Star Wars RPG, especially since a new generation of padawans are learning to love Star Wars.
BioWare, famous for the Mass Effect series and the Dragon Age series, once created a Star Wars RPG long, long ago. Knights of the Old Republic gave jedi-wannabes a chance to fight the Sith on their own terms. Imagine being obsessed with the many worlds of Star Wars and yet having no outlet for it save some fanfiction.net stories stored in your hard drive. Star Wars nerds everywhere could finally join the fight, and with BioWare’s supreme storytelling, they really got to experience the Star War’s universe. Though the studio is busy with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, one can hold out hope that they revisit their old friend KOTOR and usher in a new order of Jedi.