1. Final Fantasy VI


Simply put. Final Fantasy VI (once known as Final Fantasy III in western audiences) is a masterpiece from the 16 bit era, and a king among kings in the field of RPG’s. Compiling this list wasn’t easy, but we were far from being the first. Discussing just what the best Final Fantasy game is, is a debate as old as the industry itself, and among gamers, this is the game that always seems to come up the most. Final Fantasy 6 always stands out and it’s hard to forget what it felt like to play it for the first time, and be amazed at just how powerful a game can be when it delivers on every aspect. It’s everything combined that made 6 such an amazing experience. The giant cast of characters that seems to give everyone their time to shine (and the largest cast in a FF game). The greatest villain in Final Fantasy history (with a whopping 17 minute final boss theme). The story that takes some legitimately shocking twists. The unforgettable opera scene. The soundtrack. You can go on forever discussing this game, and I’m sure 20 years from now we still will. 7 may be the lucky number, but in Final Fantasy, 6 is king. Can’t argue with perfection.

~Paul Cesar

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