5. Zelda (Legend of Zelda series)


No, Zelda isn’t the green boy in the tunic. Sadly, people unaware of the Legend of Zelda series or their characters will often make that assumption. Even though her name is the game franchise title, she is a side character. She is the bearer of the Triforce Wisdom. Just as there is more than one Link, there is more than one Zelda. In multiple stories, Zelda has gone to prove herself as being a strong character that does not need to rely on Link. Probably the most notable entry being her role in Ocarina of Time. It is safe to say that she isn’t just a wallflower princess.

4. Kat (Devil May Cry)


Kat is the female medium that is the catalyst for the story of DmC: Devil May Cry. It is her abilities and her knowledge that allows Dante to even get past the first boss of the game. She helps in guides and instructs Dante throughout most of the game. Equipped with special spray paint bottles that are filled with mixtures for spells, without her presence, Dante could have died early on in the story.

Her backstory involves her abilities as medium. After being orphaned, her abilities to see demons made people believe she was crazy. They attempted to medicate the “problem”. Her foster father was a demon that would abuse her. During that time, she would escape into Limbo where she would meet Virgil. After killing her abusive father, she learns more of her abilities. Her strength to get over her past hardships makes her an amazing character. Dante’s curiosity toward her makes me think he would agree.

3. Alyx (Half-Life 2)


While Gordon Freeman certainly brings a lot to the table, there’s no denying Alyx Vance’s integral role in the story and in saving Gordon on multiple occasions. In her youth, Alyx lived in the dormitories of her father Eli’s workplace—Black Mesa Research Lab. When the Black Mesa incident occurred (an experiment gone wrong, ultimately leading to the Combine invading, wreaking havoc, etc.) her family had to flee. Unlike Gordon, she grew up in a world controlled by the Combine, which will inherently give her a different perspective. Her father crafted her Dog from scrap metal, and she builds upon this sentient robot sidekick. In addition to a badass backstory, Alyx is a key player in the Resistance and a source of support for Gordon. She provides him with the gravity gun, which ends up being the only weapon that survives the Combine confiscation chamber. And in the final moments of the game, we watch her experience a loss right as the credits roll. And it’s like damn, what a game and what a character.

2. Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)


Rosalina made her debut in Super Mario Galaxy and continues to be present in the series. And thank god since she’s the only interesting and independent female character the series has to offer. How they made Peach ruling an entire kingdom dull, I’m not quite sure.

Mario may be our hero, but we return to the franchise for the action and the events surrounding said action—not for Mario himself. His background is bland, and he rarely speaks. We love him because of the games, not the other way around. Rosalina, however, is far more intriguing. And while she receives help from Mario she’s no damsel in distress. Rosalina asks for Mario’s help in retrieving the power stars and grand stars from Bowser, but she doesn’t just leave him to the task. To aid him on the journey she gives him Luma, a star creature, who grants him spinning powers and more. Rosalina watches over the cosmos and commands the comet observatory. She’s a powerful figure and a loving person (which we see as she takes in Luma and copes with her own losses). As you advance through Super Mario Galaxy, you unlock a little more of her storybook, and it’s one beautiful tale:

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