1. Zevran (Dragon Age)

What a great way to end this list with none other than the suave Elf himself, Zevran. Bioware is notorious for creating interesting characters that really pull at your heart strings, and Zevran is no exception to the rule.

You first encounter the enchanting rogue in a random spot on the map of Ferelden only after you complete two quests of the main line. The devilish elf is hired as an assassin to stop your warden from succeeding in their goals, but is ultimately defeated by your superior strength. From there, you can either allow Zevran to join your party or execute him on the spot. It’d highly recommended to welcome this bawdy man into your group. Otherwise you’ll miss out on one of the game’s best characters. Like most rogues, Zevran has a mysterious past, but through time, patience, and maybe a little under-the-cover intimacy, you learn more about Zevran and his secrets. Of course this handsome Elf is a romance option (it wouldn’t be a bioware game if the tattooed hottie wasn’t an option.) While many fans, including myself, chose to romance the sweet Alistair, there were quite a few who took the more adventurous route. Zevran has been regarded as one of the best romances in Dragon Age Origins. He’s exciting, interesting, and sweet under all of his smooth-talker attitude.

Even if you choose not to explore a relationship with Zevran, it cannot be said that you won’t enjoy a single conversation with the Elf. He’s witty and hilarious and offers insights no other character does. His banter with the others in your group is worth it alone to offer him a permanent place in your party. Zevran is the best of the elves; cunning, handsome, agile, skilled in fighting, and wonderfully humorous. And don’t forget that Antivan accent.

~Laura Chandler

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