1. Fool’s Idol- Demon’s Souls

In Demon’s Souls, you find yourself at the large, double doors of a grand cathedral. Within, a nasty witch of a woman casts spells in your direction. After a brief and not too difficult battle, the witch is slain. Nothing happens, and exiting the cathedral is your only option. Personally, I found myself extremely confused after the battle; I had not even the slightest inclination on how to proceed. And upon re-entering the cathedral, the witch had respawned. After quite some time, I remembered meeting an NPC in the upper halls of the cathedral (a room, in fact, that overlooks the witch battle). When you speak to the NPC, he pleads for you to spare his life – and the kind-hearted soul that I am, I granted him his wish. After much too much lollygagging about, I eventually killed the NPC. Well, it turns out that, with the pathetic NPC slain, the witch can’t respawn again (the NPC, you see, was responsible for resurrecting her each time you defeated her). I must have killed the witch at least four times before I murdered her puppet master. So while the process of figuring out how to dispatch the Fool’s Idol is a pain, the witch is a simple kill, and the NPC literally begs for his life.

~Evan Schwab


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