5. Pinwheel- Dark Souls

Pinwheel is a boss encountered in the horrendously difficult Catacombs of Dark Souls. After traversing nearly pitch black rooms filled with giant skeletons and black knights, Pinwheel is surprisingly easy. Maybe the developers finally took pity on the players. Anyway, Pinwheel is a grotesque man with multiple faces and arms, who flings fireballs and can clone himself. All you have to do is pretend like you’re drunk and fight the Pinwheel in the middle. Goes down in less than six strikes. Seriously Nito, how did this sap steal the rite of kindling from you?

~Ryan Dodd

4. The Last Giant-Dark Souls II

I felt like the difficulty was toned down for Dark Souls II and your first boss encounter was a sign of that difficulty shift. The Last Giant, for all his bluster in the cutscene, is laughably simple. Just stay locked on to one of his overly large feet and hack away. All you have to avoid are his ridiculously slow foot stomps and you’re home free. Even after he tears his own club off and uses it as a club against, you just need to stick to the same plan and you’re home free.

~Ryan Dodd

3. Celestial Emissary- Bloodborne

This boss isn’t very intimidating when it looks exactly like the Celestial Mob enemies found earlier in the game. There is a crowd of them, but only one is the real boss. As soon as the boss health bar starts to drop he’s been found. After that stay close and keep wailing attacks on him. When the health bar drops to 50% he grows in size. This only makes him a bigger target.  Using a wide-range will help keep the respawning Celestial Mobs at bay while you keep focus on the Emissary.

~Melissa Buranen

2. Witch of Hemwick- Bloodborne

Bloodborne is filled with horrendously difficult bosses.  Ludwig The Old Hunter, Ebrietas of the Cosmos, and Father Gascoigne are just a few. But the Witch of Hemwick is not on that list. She is so easy it’s almost not even fun. She’s an old hag who spends most of the level cowering behind invisibility while you wander around looking for her. When she finally appears, she stands there meekly while you hack away at her. Yes, she spawns two powerful enemies to fight you, but they mostly stand in the middle of the arena and are easy to avoid. She does develop some arcane attacks at the end, but they’re easy to job. Honestly, a boss of this low caliber feels out of place in a game as difficult as Bloodborne.

~Ryan Dodd

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