FromSoftware games are known for being notoriously difficult. If you don’t believe me, check out our Top 10 about it. And with Dark Souls III being released today, you might be afraid of playing it because of all the rumors you’ve heard. But have no fear, not all of the Souls’ series bosses are difficult. Some are ridiculously easy, almost laughably so. So don’t be discouraged, these are Bit Cultures’ top ten easiest Souls’ bosses. As a note, because Bloodborne is a spiritual relative of the Dark Souls series, its bosses are included in this list.


10. Adjudicator- Demon’s Souls

As fans of FromSoftware and the Souls franchise, we understand the brutality of difficulty the games are known for. Epic boss battles that require numerous attempts are commonplace, but it’s no surprise that, on occasion, you might stumble across a boss that appears easier than the rest. The Adjudicator is one such foe. Lurking at the bottom of its respective stage, the Adjudicator can be reached with little effort.. Don’t worry, however, if you happen to fall to its level. Keeping yourself directly behind the Adjudicator puts you out of harm’s way; his attacks won’t reach you, and he’s easy to move around. And when you topple the hefty boss (by attacking the sword wound in his side) and unleash your attacks to his head beast, you deal massive damage. I was grateful to ease my way through this one.

 ~Evan Schwab

9. Gaping Dragon- Dark Souls


 The Gaping Dragon has arguably the greatest introduction of a Souls’ series boss. It’s enough to make your jaw hit the floor. Yet the Gaping Dragon is all bark and no bite. Despite his gargantuan size and poisonous attacks, it’s incredibly simple to defeat. Just stay behind him and hack at his tail. All you have to do is watch for the tail swipes and the dragon turning around to face you. Just have some patience and don’t get greedy, and this’ll be one of your easiest fights in Dark Souls.

~Ryan Dodd

8. The Pursuer- Dark Souls II

The intro to this boss is intimidating. However, this boss is easily parried. Stunning him with the shield leaves him open to attacks. Or dodging around or through his attacks will open up for hit opportunities at his back. Do not try to be too greedy with attacks so you can be ready for when he starts to attack again. If he is a struggle the first time, then there will be many more opportunities to get used to his timing and attacks. The aptly named Pursuer will appear many more times to face the hunter. His move set remains the same. The main concern with these later appearances will be the area terrain and surrounding enemies as it is no longer a boss arena he’ll be fought in.

~Melissa Buranen

7. Rom The Vacuous Spider- Bloodborne

This boss won’t even be attacking in the first phase of this fight. The head is armored to keeping to the side to do the best damage. The smaller spiders will need to be watched out for. Picking a side where they aren’t as heavily gathered can help avoid an ambush. When Rom starts to vanish keep attacking. The boss will still take damage as she teleports. In the 2nd and 3rd phase she’ll gain a few attacks; long -range summoning crystals from the sky, AoE attack at close range, and finally slamming into hunters. The attacks are telegraphed and can mostly be avoided. Back away during her close-range attacks and get back in close. To make the battle possibly easier, but longer, there is the option of getting rid of the spider she summons. To speed up the battle using Lightning paper or arcane will give extra damage.

~Melissa Buranen

6. Dragon God- Demon’s Souls

Loitering beyond a fog gate is the terrifyingly named Dragon God. When you traverse the fog, you’re immediately struck by how large the beast actually is. Yet after your fears have subsided, you find the fight to be laughably easy. Your goal is to run to each side of the chamber (from right to left) and fire a ballistae of sorts at the dragon. After two shots, the Dragon God falls, and you must issue about three to five sets of attacks on his head (which can only harm you if you stand in its breath). The fight itself can take as little as five minutes. Granted, the Demon God can instantly kill you, but if you navigate the battle strategically, it isn’t even a possibility.

~Evan Schwab

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