1. Rush (Mega Man Series)

Owner: Mega Man


Was there ever a doubt? Mega Man’s loyal sidekick doesn’t only have the biggest line-up of video games he’s appeared in (including most Mega Man games, and in other big series such as Marvel vs. Capcom, and most recently, Super Smash Bros.), he also has the most impressive list of abilities any robot dog lover can ever ask for. Since his first debut in Mega Man 3, Rush has become an essential part of Mega Man’s arsenal with abilities such as Rush Coil and Rush Jet. Rush can dig for treasure just like any other dog can, but he’ll do you one better and turn into many different types of vehicles to aid Mega Man in his travels, including a submarine. Still not impressed? How about the ability to fuse with Mega Man into a voltron-like entity? He can turn into a motorcycle, a drill, a hang glider. It doesn’t take a lot to realize that Rush is the greatest canine companion any gaming icon can ever hope to acquire. Good boy, Rush!