With the return of the Burning Legion’s invasion of Azeroth, there are more than a few demons who are eager to try killing us again. In the Warcraft universe, no demon can be truly killed unless they are slain in the Twisting Nether: otherwise their spirit can just return and reincarnate into a new body. Here are 10 of the more famous demons from the Warcraft lore that we are sure will return for revenge in Legion, based on their brief appearance at the end of the Broken Shore Scenario (standing behind Gul’dan like some kind of anime opening). We will make sure not to post any spoilers for actual Legion content in this list!

10. Garnoth, Fist of the Legion


Garnoth is a pitlord “Annihilan” who must be killed in an old Hyjal quest from Cataclysm known as “The Greater of Two Evils” Not much is known on this guy lore-wise, but you have to use a quest item talisman to become powerful enough to slay him, as he had particularly high HP at the time. He can be found specifically in the Gates of Sothann on southwestern Hyjall. Garnoth may end up as another minor encounter in Legion but with the roster of Demons making a return, anything is possible from this pitlord.

9. Fel-lord Dakuur


Players from Warlords might remember Fel-Lord Dakuur as the first boss of Destructors Rise in Hellfire Citadel, making this a recent return for a demon from the twisting nether. There isn’t much else yet known about him, so maybe he will play a bigger role in Legion. In his previous appearance, he did not have a major role nor any true spoken dialogue but his return could hint towards a more prominent role in Legion, especially with his new rank of Captain. Being reduced to a mini-boss encounter in his first battle, he could see play as a larger boss.

8. Anetheron


Brother to Tichondrius and thus eventual next-in-command of the Nathrezim “Dreadlords” is Anetheron, who assaults the world tree with Archimonde in Warcraft III, killable in the caverns of time Hyjal instance, and later again at the very end of Hellfire Citadel in Warlords of Draenor as part of a pre-cursor to Archimonde’s encounter. With the shortest amount of downtime as any demon on this list, and highest frequency of kills, Apparently res-timers do not apply to Anetheron.

7. Brutallus


The memorable second boss from the level 70 Sunwell Plateau raid, Brutallus will hopefully be making a big return in Legion. There isn’t much of lore written about him outside of the game, but we do know he is a wingless pitlord (I sometimes forget to notice they have wings at all), with blades for hands instead of hands. I remember his more unique 3D model in the game even at the time of release, and incredible melee damage; capable of dropping most tanks at the time easily, making it impossible without a tank-trade off. More amusing is what happened with him on the PTR prior to patch 2.4.0, where it was actually possible for a warlock to cast enslave demon on him while he stood outside the instance. With this exploit, it was possible to absolutely massacre players of the opposite faction on the Isle of Quel’danas.

6. Eredar Twins


Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess make up what many players who managed to raid Sunwell in Burning Crusade would refer to simply as the “Eredar Twins”: the fourth boss encounter in the instance. It was a unique encounter in that you fought both at the same time, and once one of them fell the other would absorb her fallen sisters’ abilities. Up until now, there hasn’t been much any real lore about either of them, so given how memorable they were I am excited to learn more about them.

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