5. Balnazzar


Another Dreadlord folks may remember is Balnazzar, who was secretly in charge of the entire Scarlet Crusade in vanilla. Possessing the murdered corpse of Saidan Dathrohan; Balnazzar is found as the final boss of the Stratholmes “living” side instance, and apparently murders and later raises the rest of the scarlet crusaders as “risen” in Cataclysm. As a player of original vanilla WoW Balnazzar is particularly important to me, as I did Scarlet Monastery so much on all my characters and enjoyed the concept of the fanatical undead-slaying cult. To see their leader come out as a demon, 30 levels of dungeoning later, was one of the first moments where I really became interested in the lore of Warcraft.

4. Jaraxxus


One of the most infamous demons to more recent players of Blizzard games, probably crushing more dreams in hearthstone as a Warlock card than he ever did in World of Warcraft is Jaraxxus. He made his first appearance as a boss encounter in Wrath of the Lich King’s Trial of the Crusader raid instance. Summoned by the TRIFLING GNOME Wilfred Fizzlebang, Jaraxxus engages players shortly after murdering his own summoner. In Hearthstone, he is a legendary Warlock card that once played replaces your hero with himself; bringing you to 15 life, giving you melee capability of 3 power for 8 turns, and a hero power that summons a 6/6 infernal. I have lost to this card many, many times.

3. Hakkar the Houndmaster


Hakkar, not to be confused with the Soulflayer of the same name, has actually yet to make an appearance in World of Warcraft, but has his history as a major Legion foe in the War of the Ancients story. Known as the “Master of the Felhounds” , Hakkar was a primary Lieutenant and actually the first member of the Burning Legion to step foot on Azeroth, and was seconds from murdering Tyrande Whisperwind before Malfurion stepped in to smite him with some epic druid lightning. He was described to have a pretty specific appearance, with a skull-face and a long flaming whip; yet what we see in the Broken Shore Scenario is just a standard Fel-Lord model. I am hoping they were just using that as a placeholder and come up with something more impressive in Legion.

2. Mal’Ganis


Mal’Ganis is a dreadlord that any Warcraft 3 player would recognize as the original antagonist of Arthas’s pre-Lich King storyline. Charged with causing Arthas to begin his journey towards his path to becoming the king of the scourge, Mal’Ganis was the original driving force for Arthas’s revenge and hatred in Warcraft 3 for converting most of the citizens of Stratholme into scourge, after which Arthas took it upon himself to purge the city. This was the pivitol decision that changed Arthas forever, and from that day forward Arthas blamed Mal’Ganis for his actions and brashness, even though all Mal’Ganis did was set the pieces on the board. We encounter Malganis briefly in the Wrath of hte Lich King expansion both in the Caverns of Time Stratholme instance, and in Northrend under the guise of the scarlet onslaught naval commander Barean Westwind, who we eventually take out in Icecrown. Up until that point it was believed he was slain by Arthas upon his fusion with Ner’zhul’s spirit, but it appears that was not the case. I do remember that being a pretty mind-blowing reveal myself.

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