Greninja BREAK makes a strong statement for Worlds in this video!

As we close out our road to San Francisco, we’re going to be reviewing the top 10 decks for Worlds!

Coming up at number 7, we have what is becoming my favorite deck of ALL time, Greninja BREAK! Greninja is such a powerhouse when given time to set up, and also has a lot of tools at its disposal such as Jirachi and a heavy N count to succesfully buy enough time to bring games to the late game which is where it excels at!

Greninja BREAK using Giant Water Shuriken, stopping abilities and drawing extra cards through Octillery is amazing to see when run properly.

I hope you enjoy the video and the commentary of what goes through my head during the games.

Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or criticism, I’ll be very happy to hear it!