1. Batman: Arkham City


Batman: Arkham City isn’t just the greatest super-hero/comic book video game ever created, it’s downright one of the best and most influential games of the last generation, period. Rocksteady first shocked the world when it released Arkham Asylum, and for the first time in gaming history, proved that a super hero inspired game can truly be phenomenal. No developer had ever truly taken the concept of Batman (or any other comic book character), and translated it so well in a game. Batman’s rogue gallery of villains were well developed, his detective skills were an important part of gameplay, and the fluid combat was unlike any other. Having Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill voice Batman and Joker was a gift to all DC and Bat fans. Its sequel, Arkham City, improved on every single department, giving us one of the last gaming generation’s most memorable experience. As well as the best comic book based video game of all time. This one is gonna be tough to top for years to come.

~Paul Cesar

Honorable Mention – The Darkness


Originally appearing in an issue of Witchblade, Jackie Estacado is a former hitman for the mob who becomes possessed by a demon simply called the Darkness. This was later spun into it’s own comic series similarly called The Darkness. Eleven years after making his first comic appearance, Jackie starred in his own game also called, The Darkness. The first person shooter went through his origin and showed how his powers developed also while providing an entertaining personality in his demon tentacles as they would communicate with each other as they tore apart mobsters and helped Jackie get his revenge on his former bosses. With positive reviews, this shooter still fell under the radar but was still awarded a sequel in 2012, The Darkness II.

~Eric Young

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