5. Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction


Do you know why the Hulk was so well received in the first Avengers movie? Because for the first time in Marvel’s movie history, we finally got to see the Hulk be free to let loose, destroy everything in its path, and as Cap put it: “Smash”. Bruce Banner as the Hulk isn’t portrayed properly, unless he’s wrecking shit up. That’s the best description I can give The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Radical Entertainment knew exactly what a game based on the angry green giant is supposed to play and feel like, and they tell you right on the title. Set this iconic Marvel hero in an open world with tons of destructibility options, and you’ve got yourself one of the most fun, and underrated super-hero games out there.

~Paul Cesar

4. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Watching superheroes fight each other is a lot of fun. Playing as superheroes fighting each other is a lot more fun. Playing as superheroes fighting each other and such mighty foes as…Phoenix Wright? That’s just the best. Marvel VS. Capcom has been a mainstay of the fighting game genre since its creation way back in the 90s, but with the Ultimate version of its third game both companies definitely went all out. The roster has shrunk from the massive amount that the second game had, but the characters they chose are definitely a case of quality over quantity. Being able to pummel Doctor Doom with Viewtiful Joe or turn Albert Wesker into a bullet sponge for Rocket Raccoon is just ridiculously fun. UMVC3 isn’t a game where you need to know every single combo or every strategy (though it never hurts, to be sure); you can pick up and play a match with anyone at any time, regardless of skill level. It’s just as fun to play now as it was almost five years ago. What else is there to say? It’s Marvel, baby!

~Donovan Bertch

3. Spider-Man (2000)


With his first foray into the 3D game world, Spider-Man for the PlayStation is quite an accomplishment on such a revolutionary console. The gameplay was somewhat simple but left for a lot of exploration for hidden collectibles and tons of comic rich lore baddies to beat up. This game was filled with characters, cameos and easter eggs. Between J. Jonah Jameson, Doc Ock, Venom, Black Cat, Daredevil, Captain America, Scorpion, Human Torch, Carnage, Mysterio and Punisher many of which were voiced by the television counterparts from the Animated Spider-Man cartoon and Stan Lee himself narrating the game, this game had a lot going for it. As the player you felt like Spidey as he beat up the bad guys and dropped quips on his foes mid battle and during the animated cutscenes. With overall positive reviews, this was the premier Spider-Man experience until the PS2 saw some strong releases.

~Eric Young

2. The Walking Dead: The Game


Telltale Games has always been successful in creating adventure games had has had experience with licensed content before but when it came to creating a Walking Dead game, they held nothing back. The Walking Dead The Game starred a professor turned convicted murderer, Lee Everett, and a young girl, Clementine. The journey of these two across the zombie infested apocalypse was not light and the scenes of death, gore, and fear. Creator of the Walking Dead comic series, Robert Kirkman, spent years cultivating his zombie filled world and the game captured the essence of this as the player is forced to watch a young girl witness the closest remnants of friends and family die while Lee searches for redemption by protecting her. This touching story is emphasized by the strong character development of the cast and the rich lore of the world heightened by the game itself as we see parts of the world never shown in the other mediums of The Walking Dead.

~Eric Young

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