5. Fred Durst – Fight Club


Your initial reactions to this may be the same as mine. You might think “Wait, there was a fight club game?” and then you might think “Why is Fred Durst in this game? He wasn’t in the movie at all”. Both of these reactions would be perfectly valid, as the game wasn’t received well, and as far as the second one goes, you’re just right. Fred Durst was definitely not in Fight Club and that’s what makes this cameo so good. There is literally no excuse for Durst to be in this game, but Fred Durst and his band limp bizkit were super popular in the early 2000’s and he cashed in on that super hard. So Durst is in there fighting with the best of them and I absolutely love it.

~Jim Wallace

4. Gary Coleman – Postal 2


Gary Coleman, known for being pint-sized and precocious on Different Strokes, and known for causing a violent police standoff? In Postal 2, the violent and controversial sequel to 1997’s Postal, the player receives the task of obtaining Gary Coleman’s autograph. Once you meet the adorable actor, things go south quickly as police burst onto the scene and Gary screams out that he’s not going back to jail. With a title referencing an actual massacre as well as purportedly gruesome gameplay, the game was banned from a plethora of venues and gained quite a bit of negative attention in its day. But you know what makes all of that okay? Gary Coleman. Gary Coleman with an assault rifle and hand grenades.

~Sierra Grafton

3. Michael Jackson – Space Channel 5


The king of pop is no stranger to video games. He reportedly owned a line-up of arcade cabinets in his home, was a huge Sega fan, and starred in his own video game, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. However, one of his greatest video game cameos came from Space Channel 5 on the Dreamcast, in which he was forever inmortalized as “Space Michael” alongside Ulala. His bio in the game does a much better job of explaining Space Michael than I ever could:

“Legend has it that he saved the earth from certain demise by using his dance energy. This was when the planet was attacked by aliens, 500 years ago.”

Needless to say, Space Michael’s dance moves can transcend space and time.

~Paul Cesar

2. Mikhail Gorbachev – Street Fighter 2

gorbachev gif

Mikhail Gorbachev is best known as one of the former leaders of the Soviet Union. It might possibly be that he is most proud of his champion, Zangief, the winner of the Street Fighter tournament. The tournament is held to the highest regard, and taking home the championship title even once can be seen as a massive achievement for the fighter, let alone the entire USSR. It’s made even better when Gorbachev busts into a victory dance with Zangief. Yep, Gorbachev, Gief, and a few grunts all high kick the true Russian way in celebration.

~Jim Wallace