1. Snoop Dogg – Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Having grown up with the Tekken franchise, I was all too excited to find the sequel to my favorite game in the series, the original Tekken Tag Tournament. Upon playing through several levels of Tekken Tag 2, I was not surprised to find myself throwing punches in another stage full of people cheering. However, I was surprised to hear music that vastly differed from the usual upbeat techno-ish Tekken music. It was hiphop-ish, but I knew that voice… it was Snoop Dogg! It was soon after, that I noticed behind my tag team: a bouncing car, raining money, dancing women, and a giant throne. Upon the throne sat none other than the D-O-Double-G himself, watching me duke it out with a kangaroo. What could possibly be a more validating feeling than knowing that THE Snoop Dogg is watching you fight… and he’s IN YOUR GAME? Ah, 7th grade me can die peacefully now with the approval of one of the coolest rappers ever. Thanks, Snoop Dogg, you are the true king of video game cameos.

~Sierra Grafton


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