1. Meowth (Pokemon Series)

That’s right!

Can you really think of a more recognizable cat in the history of video games than Meowth? Pokemon has had its fair share of cats (especially very recently with the fire starter Litten), but Meowth, and to an extent, its evolution Persian, is the feline face that jumps to mind when you start thinking of cats in Pokemon, and video games in general. It’s true that the Pokemon anime is largely responsible for making Meowth a household name, and in turn, get the number one spot on this list. Besides Pikachu, this cat is the second main Pokemon in the entire animated series, and the first pocket monster to talk as well. If that’s not enough, you can spot him in everything from Pokemon Snap, every single Smash Bros game to date, and just recently got an Alolan variation in Pokemon Sun & Moon. It’s ironic that Meowth was based on the Japanese legend of Maneki-neko or the “lucky cat” because being just number 52 out of 802 Pokemon (and counting), and to still get this much attention… you have to be a lucky cat.

Also, enjoy Meowth’s Party:

~Paul Cesar

Honorable Mention – Litten (Pokemon Series)

Anything can be made cooler by giving it fire powers. Fire burger. Fire toilet. Fire crocs…okay, who am I kidding? Those are already fire enough. Litten is no exception to this rule and the adorable hellish kitty is cat royalty, our generation’s answer to the Egyptian sphyx. He could easily be imagined perched on Satan’s lap watching damned souls get condemned to eternity. As they fall to their knees and are hauled off into the abyss by the devil’s henchmen, they look over their shoulders and feel one last shudder of pleasure as they see Litten and ask, “Satan, Your Highness, c-can I please just pet him once before I go?”

I’ll let you finish that scenario in your head.

Litten is, obviously, a fire-type Pokémon who was released as one of Generation VII’s controversial starters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Pokémon is a solemn kitty who doesn’t tend to let on how he’s feeling. He can spit fireballs (which are much more dangerous than hairballs but way cooler) and also produce flammable oil that burns all of his fur off when he sheds. He’s cute, sassy, and kind of scary: Pretty much everything that makes for a decent house cat and definitely qualifies him as one of the best cat’s in video games.

~Jessica Wynn

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