5. Robin (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Fire Emblem Awakening was the first of the series to include the matchmaker feature with the support system. The system is simple, as once the support gets maxed out between two characters of the opposite sex, for the first time. They will then marry, and their future child will be open to recruitment. Robin, or whatever the players choose to name their character, is the one with the most options. Free to pick between any of the characters with opposing genders. It isn’t just picking your husband/wife. There is also spreading the love around to all the characters while playing matchmaker.

~Melissa Buranen

4. Yu Narukami (Persona 4)

Yu is also known at the protagonist of Persona 4 and can be named whatever the player chooses. A large part of the Persona game is the Social Links. The social links are formed as friendships. The higher the link, the better the bonuses when fusing Persona for even stronger ones to aid you in the battles against the shadows. Some of these friendships can turn into romances…and potentially multiples of them at once. There is a way to play a Gigolo in this fantasy murder mystery game. The ability to date multiple of the female social links is there. Certainly, Yu is holding a lot of charm to woo multiple girls. Just try not to get caught, or be prepared to break some of those hearts later on.

~Melissa Buranen

3. Geralt of Rivia (Witcher 3)

Geralt is better known for being a loner and ruthless. Being a Witcher makes him stand-out but ostracized by those around him. That does not stop him in the area of romance, with not just 1 but 2 women that can have the label of ‘Love of his life’ between Yennefer and Triss. He might be forced to choose between those two women, but having a fling with others isn’t impossible. There are 3 other women that can be swooned by this outcast into the sheets after completing various quests.

~Melissa Buranen

2. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

The Mass Effect series is known for several thing: Engaging dialogue, a colorful cast of characters, a main character who can’t dance – and of course, its several romances. Whether you play as a male or female Shepard, romance is a vital part of the Mass Effect trilogy. Quite a number of your squad mates are available as romance options, including aliens. It seems that Shepard’s perfectly capable of wooing any species in the galaxy – Turians, Asari, Quarians, etc. Though your romantic capabilities don’t extend to every character, the amount of romantic options available to you in the Mass Effect series shows just how much charm our favorite Alliance commander has. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ryder twins fare in the romantic department when Andromeda launches in March.

~Daniel Hein

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