Never trust anyone in a video game. If they’re not just posing as a friend to get you to do some dirty work for them or secretly angry about something your character did off screen, then they’ve undergone self-hypnosis to take on the personality of your nemesis. Never trust anyone in a video game, but especially not the characters on this list. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Betrayals in Video Games.

10. Gaffgarion and Ramza – Final Fantasy Tactics

In a game like Final Fantasy Tactics, with its complex story filled with constantly shifting alliances and multifaceted conflicts it is difficult to single out just one betrayal to talk about. But early on in the game there is one betrayal that is interesting from a gameplay mechanics standpoint. Goffard Gaffgarion is one of the first characters introduced in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is a mercenary captain in nominal command of the main character, Ramza Beolve. From the start Gaffgarion is portrayed as unscrupulous and grasping for power so when he betrays the player’s party at the Zeirchele Falls it comes as a surprise more in terms of timing than anything else. But once the player learns of the time and place of this inevitable treachery things get interesting. All a player in search of vengeance needs to do is reload an earlier save and unequip all weapons,armor and skills from Gaffgarion before the battle in question. Few things in gaming are more satisfying that seeing Gaffgarion turn against you only to scurry away to the back lines of the enemy formation, if he even gets that far.

~Stephen Krusel

9. Vergil and Dante – DMC: Devil May Cry

It should be a great reunion. The two separated brothers, Vergil and Dante reunited after years. Vergil comes into Dante’s life explaining the oddities that have surrounded him. The demon and the reality of what they are, Nephilim. They are the children of Angel and Demon. This makes them the only ones capable of stopping Mundus, the Demon King. Things start out smoothly, but that doesn’t last. The tension begins when Vergil is ready to allow their ally and medium, Kat, to die. A loss that Dante isn’t so keen on. Still they’re able to push the animosity aside to finish their goals. Expect Vergil had more in mind than just ending Mundus. Vergil’s real desire was in taking control himself to rule over humanity. From the returned brother with answers to a forgotten past to a power hungry manipulator, resembling the forces Dante had just stopped.

~Melissa Buranen

8. Anna and Lara – Rise of the Tomb Raider

It isn’t look great for Lara Croft when her father his dead in an apparent suicide with his work discredited. Still she had faith in the man and took up his work. One person she confided in being Ana, her father’s former girlfriend. Lara would take on what her father never finished and learn the truth about the Divine Source and about Ana. The woman she thought could be trusted was working with Trinity, leading it along with her brother. The only reason for Ana’s entrance into her life was in efforts to find the Divine Source for their own purpose. When Lara’s father started to get close, he was killed by Trinity. Ana expressed that she cared for Lara and her father, but if she really cared she would have confessed to the truth earlier.

~Melissa Buranen

7. Shuji Ikutsuki – Persona 3

No, we’re not talking about Persona 4’s Adachi this time. Persona 3’s Shuji Ikutsuki takes this one. Ikutsuki worked both as the Director of Gekkoukan High School and SEES (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad). For the Protagonist and the other characters he is their guidance. They all would trust him with faith in his words and plans. Which is exactly what he wanted. Shuji spun a web of deceit to fool the members of SEES that their actions of taking down the 12 Arcana Shadows would bring about the end of the Dark Hour. The truth was he was guiding them down the path to unleashing an even more powerful Shadow, Death. His true goal was to bring about the end of the world. Far different from the person who taught them about Shadows and their abilities to use Personas.

~Melissa Buranen

6. Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid Series

Few characters ever created have more complicated loyalties than Metal Gear’s Revolver Ocelot. At the start of the series, though, his motivations are fairly simple. In Metal Gear Solid Ocelot is a double agent working on behalf of President George Sears, also known as Solidus Snake, and is falsely operating as a member of Liquid Snake’s Foxhound unit. By the chronological end of the series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, every character that has trusted in Revolver Ocelot is betrayed by Revolver Ocelot in some way. He even betrays himself in a way, as at some point he takes on the personality of Liquid Snake through self hypnosis and in that state works against his own interests. Over the course of all the Metal Gear games there is one character to whom Ocelot remains loyal while still betraying other characters and that is Big Boss. In his first chronological appearance in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater he meets and begins covertly working for Big Boss. Later in Metal Gear solid 5: The Phantom Pain he serves as an adjutant to Big Boss’ decoy double in order to protect Big Boss. In Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Ocelot acts to protect Big Boss’ seemingly dead body from experimentation planned by Liquid and Solidus Snakes who believe they can prolong their lifespan using Big Boss’ genetic code. By the end of the series, Big Boss is resurrected even if his most duplicitously loyal servant, Ocelot, has been killed by his most disloyal clone, Solid Snake, the one and only hero of the Metal Gear series.

~Stephen Krusel

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