5. Shepard and Wrex – Mass Effect

Who thought living uneasily on a ship full of aliens would result in a betrayal? Especially if one of the aliens is a Krogan whose entire race had been infected with a horrible disease that kills their children. I mean, who knew! The Shepard/Wrex betrayal is a turning point in the Mass Effect games, leading a way for other permanent decisions throughout the rest of the series. After arriving on Virmire, Shepard and their squad drive the Mako and battle geth along the way to the Salarian camp. Once there Captain Kirrahe briefs the Commander on the situation; Saren has taken control of a lab, a lab where he’s discovered a cure to the genophage and is building a Krogan army. Obviously Wrex would be totally okay with this. In order to advance the story, you must deal with Wrex’s reaction to this news. Paragon Shepards are able to talk him down, but some Renegade Shepards believe there is only one choice. Your Shepard can choose to shoot and kill Wrex without a second thought — a member of your crew that has battled alongside you, can be killed at your hands if you so choose. Though I suspect most of you would miss the “Shepard” “Wrex” conversational exchange on the Normandy.

~Laura Chandler

4. Big Smoke and CJ – GTA: San Andreas

Life is hard, especially when you’re back in gang territory in SoCal like CJ, our protagonist. With his mother being killed due to drug-related incidents of course he’d be very anti-drug. But that sentiment doesn’t ring true with all the members of Grove Street. Big Smoke, the first member of Grove Street to welcome you back home after your mother’s death, had been pushing for Grove Street to sell drugs. The other members (more influential members) shot down the idea. Smoke took it upon himself to sell drugs and set up a deal with the local police force and rival gang. CJ isn’t aware of any of this until later on in the game. On a mission to gain a rival gang’s, Ballas,  territory it is revealed Smoke had joined the Ballas in order to further his drug career. Eventually CJ is able to confront Big Smoke in his new and luxurious apartment building. A shootout commences with Big Smoke taking 5 bullets straight through his bullet-proof vest. Maybe betrayal isn’t the best thing in gangs.

~Laura Chandler

3. Wheatley and Chell – Portal 2

Poor Chell, still stuck in Aperature Labs and all she wants to do is hug her companion cube. Luckily, a helpful, yet kinda stupid, little robot, Wheatley, helps her take down the big bad GLaDOS. And then takes her place right after. Yup, that’s right. The helpful, yet idiotic, robot keeps you and forces you to go through testing all over again. In a twist of events though, GLaDOS accompanies you for the journey through the old abandoned Aperature Labs. The betrayal is definitely not something you are expecting, but you do learn a little bit more about GLaDOS and the corruption that takes over little Wheatley. Unfortunately, Wheatley has an eternity to think about his betrayal while floating through space.

~Laura Chandler

2. Edgar Ross and John Marston – Red Dead Redemption

Acclaimed by some to be one of the best games in modern gaming, Red Dead Redemption follows the story of former outlaw John Marston and his attempt at redeeming himself for the sake of his family. You, as Marston, are tasked with finding members of your old outlaw group and putting them to rest. Who gives you that daunting task? Well, none other than agents of the government, namely a man called Edgar Ross. After spending the entire game hunting down your former colleagues to either capture them or kill them, you finally face the ringleader of the gang. Unfortunately, Marston isn’t able to kill his old friend an Edgar Ross does it for him. Marston returns to his farm with his family to live out the rest of his days caring for them. Turns out though, that’s a reality he will never live out. Ross decides that all of Dutch’s gang needs to be eliminated, going after John Marston himself. Marston has enough time to send your family off and then hold down the farm in the assault. Marston ultimately sacrifices himself to protect his family. No more peaceful farming, thanks to Mr. Ross.

~Laura Chandler

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