1. Atlas and Jack – BioShock

Among the very best of modern video games, the BioShock series has twists and turns around every bloody corner. But the most interesting twist happens in the very first game. When first arriving to Rapture, you’re helped along by a helpful, and kind, man named Atlas. He, too, is trying to escape from Rapture and needs your help to rescue his wife and son. He keeps in contact with you via radio while you explore the ruins of the underwater city. After battling through crazy addicts, megalomaniacs, and pissed off big daddies, you finally come face to face with the creator of Rapture himself, Andrew Ryan. At this point the destruction of Rapture has already begun, and the only thing left for Jack to do is take down the man that created this hellish city. All this according to the plan of Atlas, who turns out to be Frank Fontaine, a mobster who fought to take over from Ryan and establish his own power. Little did Jack know that he was a pawn in Fontaine’s plan to takeover Rapture. Fontaine had been conditioning Jack since he first arrived at Rapture, think back on the gameplay and he often said the ubiquitous “Would you kindly…?” when interacting with Jack to progress the story. Of course, Jack is the hero at the end and is able to take back control of his own mind. But before you go, would you kindly share this article with others? Thanks, friend.

~Laura Chandler

Honorable Mention: Hanzo and Genji – Overwatch

Sibling rivalry is a storytelling trope as old as can be but the tale of brothers Hanzo and Genji  Shimada told in Overwatch brings a little that is new to the formula. The fresh take on the sibling rivalry is that one of the brothers, Hanzo, succeeds in killing his sibling and that the murdered brother is essentially resurrected as a cyborg. In other stories like this the surviving brother might be haunted by a ghost or wracked with guilt over his actions but in the sort of bright and shiny cyber-punk future that is Overwatch the dead can live again as cyborgs so Genji can directly taunt and forgive his brother Hanzo to his heart’s content. This list is about betrayals that happen in video games, though, and the murder and resurrection of Genji, like a lot of the most interesting events of the Overwatch universe, occurs almost entirely outside of the game. Outside of a week of Hanzo and Genji themed brawls, released alongside the YouTube short film made by Blizzard, Overwatch players may not have guessed anything as sinister as fratricide had ever transpired between the brothers Shimada.

~Stephen Krusel

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