1. Red Faction 2


Before THQ created Red Faction: Guerrilla and Apocalypse, the franchise played as a first person shooter. Everyone I’ve ever known who’s had a passion for shooters has some crazy Red Faction 2 story. The campaign mode featured an involving, if not exactly properly pieced, narrative that kept you on your toes. But the game itself truly shined during its frenetic multiplayer matches where the plethora of unique and badass weaponry took the forefront. All night ‘slumber’ parties transformed into hours of devastation, explosions, terrain destruction, and grenade launchers. Really, when considering the epic experience of Red Faction 2’s multiplayer, it’s hard to believe the series completely changed routes. Even with only one other friend and a set of bots on the highest difficulty, my friend(s) and I were able to blast away at each other for endless hours. My shining moment? A quadruple rail through my friend’s entire team.

~Evan Schwab

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