1. Galak-Z: The Dimensional


This entry is an interesting one as rather than being created from within the anime industry or someone who is deep into the fandom, the title is more inspired by a western and nostalgic viewpoint. Galak-Z is clearly inspired by the likes of Voltron or the mess that is the Robotech franchise, shown via its heavy borrowing of aesthetic from that genre of anime and through its core mechanic of being able to have a transforming fighter jet. Galak-Z is a fun case of a game where it’s inspirations not only affect its visuals but it’s mechanics through not only the transforming robot mechanic but through how the game is structured. In Galak-Z the player progresses through missions within a season, letting players feel as if they were playing through a TV show. In fact, you receive your robot form in the “second season” of the game as an upgrade much like how a protagonist in these kinds of anime would receive one later on in their respective series. In short, this title belongs on this list as it wears its inspirations from anime on its sleeve and allows them to fundamentally and deeply affect even the design itself.

~Sean Nicol

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