1. The Creation of the Sony PlayStation


Was there really any other alternative? The original PlayStation, the PS1, the PSX, or whatever you choose to call it, smashed into the video game world in December of 1994. Originally destined to be the Nintendo product to feature a disc drive, Sony fatefully forged their own path releasing the PlayStation as a unique console as a direct competitor to existing consoles. While this particular console was my first, many other gamers found their start earlier with the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom. This makes it even more striking that established gamers quickly identified with this new product. Some of a gamer’s greatest experiences come from the original PlayStation, many of which were previously mentioned on this list. The dualshock, Metal Gear, a golden age for role-playing games, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, so on, and so forth. We as gamers are forever thankful for the Sony PlayStation. Many of us in 2015 own PlayStation 4’s in place of this classic gem, but we will always remember where it all began.

~ Zach


After twenty years of PlayStation, we couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences we’ve had. Though some of those memories border on the bizarre (that Crash Bandicoot man will be burned into our brains forever), most of them were truly special. Here’s to many more years of PlayStation greatness.

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