5. Sony’s 1st Party Studios


No great console is successful without great first party developers. Luckily for Sony, the company has established partnerships with some of the most talented creators and artists in the video games industry. These first parties are the studios that produce the console’s exclusive games which play a major role in influencing consumers to invest. Naughty Dog, for example, are responsible for Uncharted, PlayStation’s flagship franchise, as well as the impeccable The Last of Us. The talented team continues with developers such as Media Molecule (Little Big Planet), Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, Infamous), Team Ico (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus), Sony Santa Monica (God of War) and many, many more. Some may argue that these titles are achievements for individual studios and not for the console itself. However, it takes strong leadership to not only solidify these partnerships with great designers, but to create a console that motivates developers to create specifically for their platform.

~ Zach

 4. Final Fantasy VII


Squaresoft’s (now Square Enix) Final Fantasy franchise saw six major iterations with Nintendo as well as various spin-off titles. This was until that fateful year of 1997 when the developer released one of the greatest games of all time as a PlayStation exclusive. This transition not only marked an enormous landmark for Sony, but for Final Fantasy in general as many gamers discovered the franchise with this release. Until Final Fantasy XI’s release for PC, Final Fantasy remained a PlayStation exclusive with the titles that followed VII. The monumental success of Squaresoft’s game also meant a colossal achievement for Sony as they obtained one of the greatest RPG titles ever made. On a personal note, it was the first game I ever played, making the Sony PlayStation my first console experience ever. This is a significant moment not only for myself, but for various gamers throughout the world. Sony’s ability to establish that relationship with a future generation of gamers from a young age is a remarkable feat.

~ Zach

3. Dualshock Controller


The Dualshock controller, which featured vibration and the precision of twin thumb sticks, first hit American PlayStations in 1998. While the 1998 title Ape Escape was the only PlayStation game to require the Dual Shock controller, it wasn’t the only one to make use of its features. Some games used the vibration feature when a character would fight or shoot and many Adventure games such as Spyro or The Emperor’s New Groove took advantage of the second thumb stick to control the camera. Controllers since the original Dual Shock, except for the Sega Dreamcast controller, all use a variant of the twin stick layout. So many games, from adventure games to first-person shooters, can only function because the extra thumb stick helps with camera movement, navigation or many other things. Sony’s original PlayStation controller doesn’t just make this list because of a few new features, but rather because its designs have made a strong, lasting effect.

~ Rafael

2. PlayStation 2 – The Best-Selling Console of All Time


Whether it’s the Xbox One, the Wii-U or PlayStation 4, current-gen platforms always strive to be the console with the biggest number in sales. While the PS4 does lead today, it’s not one of Sony’s biggest achievements. That goes to the PS2. Though the PlayStation 2 was released fifteen years ago, it tops the charts at 157.68 million units sold around the world according to Vgcharts.com (http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/Hardware/Global/). It’s only several million units away from the Nintendo 3DS, but the next non-handheld console to even come close is the original PlayStation, which has only sold around 104.25 million units. Sony has definitely made a mark with its PlayStation 2.

~ Rafael

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