TL;DR Review - Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana
Smooth gameplay with improved visuals make this a remaster to revisitStill stands strong as one of the best entries in the Ys seriesCombat is Ys perfected and makes for an insanely fun experience
As much as I love this game, the remaster definitely feels unnecessary - but at least it's priced adequately
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A Peak of Performance for Ys VIII

Years ago, Falcom launched Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana on the PlayStation Vita and PS4 (before subsequently launching on PC and Nintendo Switch). The game sees self-identified adventurer Adol the Red and traveling pal Dogi marooned on the cursed Isle of Seiren – a mysterious island brimming with perilous monsters and a sprawling locale to explore. Featuring an improved visual and combative experience all around, Ys VIII took the chronicled series to the metaphorical next level and delivered a product worthy of praise. In fact, the PS4 version earned itself a worthy 90% score upon launch, and while the PC port had a game breaking glitch on launch – NIS quickly righted the ship to make sure PC gamers were able to experience the joy of Ys VIII

Today, we see what is likely the final iteration of Ys VIII – an HD remaster on the PlayStation 5. With cleaner visuals and the elimination (essentially) of load times, Ys VIII now performs like the dream it could be. While Ys IX offered some great improvements on combat, my personal belief is that Ys VIII is Ys perfected. To me, this entry to the fabled saga is easily the best game in the series – of which I played a majority of the titles. And while it may not be a “perfect” game, Ys VIII continues to offer a promise of the great things to come from Falcom.

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