Fallout 76 – Microsoft E3 Presentation

Greetings one and all – I am the madman of the wastelands coming to you to share all I know about Fallout 76. The earliest game in the Fallout franchise is an exciting prospect. One which I am sure has many of you intrigued as well.

During the Microsoft E3 presentation, we were given a little trailer that showed us a bit more of the game. One thing I am the most excited for are the mutants/mutated animals. In Fallout (the first one), the player can find out that the Master had been experimenting with making mutants for years and that Super Mutants are his success. That information has always left me wondering about what the Master created that was deemed a failure. After all, if Super Mutants and Centaurs are successes – what could be labeled a failure? We may never know (mainly because Bethesda seems to be allergic to referencing the previous games), but we do get some new mutants in Fallout 76.

The first thing that caught my eye was a ridiculously ripped grey monstrosity. It looks vaguely like a gorilla in stature with forearms bigger than its hind legs and a forward lean. It is incredibly hard to try and find a head on this creature, however. This brings up the possibility that this could be an amalgamation mutant much like the Master or Attis, which is a concept that has been sorely lacking in the recent games (the insanity of different minds and personalities being forced into one).

The next mutant is shown for a brief amount of time, and it looks awesome. It appears as some kind of mutated serpent with small spikes and its back arched as if to strike. It isn’t the clearest picture and could easily not be a snake, given the location this game will take place in and the long neck of the creature, but it would be cool to have a mutated snake enemy. The ruined cityscape of the scene really adds weight to this creature as it probably lives off of human scavengers or ghouls since this area is the capital of West Virginia. It would also introduce an enemy that would focus on ambush tactics should it actually be a snake type creature.

The third mutant is Satan. Hello, Satan; it’s been awhile – how’s the family? The scene shows a humanoid shadow hovering in the air with bat-like wings and what appears to be ram horns. This is fantastic. A flying brute in Fallout earns a 10/10, and it’s time to make a bandit faction that worships this badass thing. Now, there is some speculation that this is the Mothman of modern mythology, but it bears nearly no resemblance to the red eyed human with flowing wings. The area is home to many bats, however, so perhaps this is the equivalent to a death claw. It truly is death from above.

Good on you, Bethesda, as I was truly worried that you were going to try and retcon the lore and have Super Mutants walking about. I am ecstatic about these mutants: They look amazing; they are dynamic in appearance; and I can see them being dynamic in AI as well. This is great and is the type of innovation and creativity that I think every fan can agree is needed.

Fallout 76 is supposed to be four times larger than Fallout 4. This is where I am going to become a cynical little shit because a fifth of the map in Fallout 4 was unused space. Let’s not forget that one of the DLC’s followed suit by being a worthless island with a large amount of unused water. Granted, Fallout 76 is supposed to take place in West Virginia, and I truly hope that the entire map is used. Given how Bethesda loves unused space, I am hoping that this game will be different.

Two little snippets of the trailer caught my attention. One showed a sign for a US Army base and another showed a white plantation-like building being patrolled by robots. I hope that there are Army Remnants or even an early version of the enclave. It could be amazing to either join a faction of remnants who were alive before the bombing or make a faction out of them. The second scene is just a very serene one. Robots patrolling around lush gardens of flowers with an almost pristine mansion in the background. I hope I am wrong, but this reeks of “The villain lives here” and that’s just no good. Why? The “Villains” may live there premise is flawed because this largely untouched building is the Green Briar resort, which, in the real world, had a bunker underneath it for congress, the president, and “essential” personnel.  This may be where the Enclave are conceived until they come into being in Fallout 2.

Even though there aren’t wide spread cities, there are a lot of mines in the West Virginia territory, and we see a scene of a character in a mine. It is on fire and the character slowly walks through the burning tunnel wearing firefighter gear. I cannot wait to see what kind of creatures lurk in this kind of environment. The landscape, too, is lush with only the capital destroyed. Most of the (formerly?) living spaces simply look overgrown, and this trailer has really brought a different feel to Fallout and a welcome one for me.