Blizzard is moving their tournament to Facebook…

Blizzard’s third annual Heroes of the Dorm has been announced on the tournament’s website. The tournament will take place between February 15 and April 8 and will be broadcast on Facebook live. Last year’s tournament was aired, in part, on ESPN. Specifically the early rounds of the tournament were broadcast on ESPN 3 as well at the sports network’s streaming service, YouTube channel and Twitch channel. The press release for the event does not mention a reason for the switch but instead talks up the positive aspects of the new exclusive relationship with Facebook.

Heroes of the Storm

It will be even easier for esports fans to follow Heroes of the Dorm week in and week out in 2017, with the entirety of the tournament being streamed exclusively on Facebook! That means you’ll be able to follow your favorite team from the regular season all the way to the Heroic Four, with constant action being delivered right to your Facebook feed.

Registration for the Tournament is underway and with a prize of full college scholarship up for grabs competition will undoubtedly be fierce.

So who’s going to sign up this year? Anyone?