Don’t Call It A Comeback

Remember when all first-person-shooters used to be set in the World War Era, well Driven Games remembers.  Days of War is a new first-person-shooter set in World War II that is trying to gain funding through Kickstarter.  The game would be released on PC, PS4, and PC and would be a competitive online only fps set during WWII.  Along with the Battlefield 5 rumors and Battalion 1944, Days of War is another game set in the World War era and may be signaling a revival of the old Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games.  This could be foreshadowing the end of the futuristic and sci-focused Call of Duty and Battlefield.

The developers described the game as follows: “In Days of War, bullets are what matter, not kill-streaks, not wall jumps, and certainly not drone strikes ordered from iPads.”  To that end, there are only four game modes (Capture the Flag, Domination, Deathmatch, Search and Destroy) and six classes, such as Rifleman, Machine Gunner, and Sniper.

The developers are seeking 100,000 dollars and if that goal is reached, they hope to release the game across all platforms in December of this year.  You can see more gameplay, trailers, and donate at their Kickstarter page.