It’s official: the best-selling PC franchise of all time has been immortalized. On May 5th, it was announced by the World Video Game Hall of Fame that The Sims would be joining its ranks and resting pretty alongside other iconic titles like Pac-ManSuper Mario Bros and Tetris. This is only the organization’s second year running, so it’s great seeing such an iconic series being inducted this early on.

In the announcement, Jon-Paul Dyson, the director of The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games, revealed some of the magic behind the series. “The game has had universal appeal, with female players outnumbering males, and adults as passionate about the game as children,” he said. “And by turning the computer into a toy to explore the complexity of the human experience, The Sims radically expanded the notion of what a game could be.”

Joining The Sims this year in the Hall of Fame is The Legend of ZeldaThe Oregon TrailSonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders and Grand Theft Auto III. All of the games were announced at the The Strong museum in Rochester, New York, on May 5, 2016 and if you ever happen to be in town, they can be viewed in the permanent exhibition on the museum’s second floor.