After a quarter so quiet it prompted Simmers to vent their frustrations through a #simsnewsdraught hashtag, Electronic Arts has emerged from its creative cocoon and released the trailer for the next game pack in its best-selling series, The Sims 4: Dine Out.

The trailer features Sims visiting a host of restaurants from upscale sushi bars, art-deco lounges, rowdy sports bars and Applebee-esque family joints. There is also a variety of new dishes that Sims can enjoy, and the company seems to be heavily focused on expanding upon the user-centric customization that makes The Sims so unique. Although some fans feel disappointed over the fact the latest game packs are adding features they feel should have been included in the base game, the game packs have always been a step up from past series’ iterations and tend to provide a much more in-depth experience. With restaurants now checked off the list of player must-haves, Simmers are speculating what the next big addition will be. There’s no doubt that toddlers are the most requested (read: demanded) addition to the game, but pets and seasons are two other major components that would truly flesh out TS4 and bring it much closer to providing the same level of immersion as its predecessors. Only time will tell. For now, let’s just hope our Sims’ phones have enough memory for all the #foodporn pics they’ll be taking. The Sims 4: Dine Out launches June 7, 2016.