As I’m sure all of you know, Twitch is a huge website for streaming video games.

The website has seen outstanding success, and with good reason. Twitch truly is a special place on the internet. If you’re into competitive gaming, there will almost always be some tournament running for you to watch; if you’re just looking for something to watch to kill time and get some good laughs, then there’s definitely a streamer on Twitch somewhere for you; and it’s a great place to meet members of the same communities you’re in and potentially make some new friends. However, once in awhile something extraordinary comes out of Twitch. Things like Twitch Plays Pokemon that start a huge craze, and people just come together to watch and interact. While potentially not as big as Twitch Plays Pokemon was, it seems that time has come again where something has come to the website that I don’t know if anybody expected. But it’s truly a treat, and, in my opinion, maybe one of the best things to come to the website, especially since Twitch Plays Pokemon. T-Pain has taken to streaming. You read that correctly, the T-Pain has started streaming, and it’s funny as hell.


T-pain started streaming roughly a week ago and has played both Doom and Overwatch. In this past week, he has earned his own twitch partnership and earned himself a sub button, meaning for the low price of $4.99, you can become a member of the illumiNAPPY and get access to some quality T-pain emotes. Of course, if you don’t have that money to subscribe or simply don’t want to, the streams are a blast. Between the funny shit T-pain says and the silly stuff that members of Twitch chat come up with, like T-pooky for instance, a good time is virtually guaranteed.

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