Throughout my time on the internet, particularly here and on twitch, I’ve made some pretty good friends. One of which is a stellar dude who goes by AbandonTheMyriad. Abandon is a streamer who started out doing speedruns of a few different games, particularly the kingdom hearts series. Since he’s started streaming, he has also started a gaming marathon known as The Myriathon.

The Myriathon is a stream that consists of plenty of casual gaming and the occasional speedrun. The goal of the stream is to raise as much money as possible for charity and a general good cause, this time around the selected charity is St. Jude’s Children hospital. If this at all sounds like your cup of tea or you just want to help support a good cause and a good dude I urge you to spread the word around and come out to the stream which will be happening on December 16th at 4 P.M. over at