Console wars: second in the list of the most grim and bitterly depressing things on Earth, just behind actual warfare. The latest event in the turgid ‘Xbox VS Playstation’ saga has Xbox boasting of true 4k capability, something which the PS4 lacks.

The new Scorpio Xbox will be capable of six teraflops, apparently. Compare this with the PS4’s paltry four-point-two teraflops, and we clearly have a winner in the teraflop market. Unless teraflops are like golf scores and lower is actually better. In which case, good on you PS4 for using less of those pesky teraflops!

Xbox began the press release by saying “at Xbox, our goal is to put gamers at the centre of everything we do” which, let’s be honest, is about the minimum you expect from a games company. It’s like a hot dog stall brandishing a sign that reads “We value eaters of sausages in buns above all others!”

Who are you backing in the upcoming console wars? Xbox? Playstation? A rogue meteor plummeting into Earth, plunging humanity into a maelstrom of death and destruction? Be sure to use our special hashtags: #Xbox, #Playstation or #ComeMeteorComeAndSweepMeAwayFromThisVileAbode.

Source: Videogamer